Health & Social Care Unit 10 P3,M2 &D2 Essay

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P3,Whatever job you want you need skills and qualities for it, this helps you with your job without this it would make it hard to know what you're doing and hard to adapt to the job. Nursery teachers look after young children from 3 years old to 5 years old. For a nursery teacher the skills are qualities you need are.. Understand the stages of child development- This is very important, you need to know for a number of reasons. Nursery teachers need to be able to see the child's level of ability. Abilities can differentiate at preschool age and an effective nursery teacher will meet each child level and guide them on their pathway to achievement. It is also important so they know understand the children that they are working with…show more content…
Private education is good for children because they develop a better level of understanding and can learn quicker. To be a nursery teacher of have any contact job with children you must not have a criminal record, it has to be clean, no employer would want a criminal working with children for health and safety especially if the criminal was a paedophile. And last of all work experience, you don't necessarily need this but it helps a lot because it helps you to realise what you have got yourself in for, what it's like to look after young children. If you did end up working as a nursery teacher, you could tell the child's parent you had work experience before this and it would make them feel reassured that you know what you're doing and that you are interested in it. The more experience you have the better you become at the job, better at problem solving, better with communication, better understanding of the child's needs etc. Having these skills shows you have the ability and knowledge to work with children, without this you would seriously struggle. And some nursery's require you to have a driving licence for travelling, so if you haven't got that then you can't get the job. Excellent communication skills- Communicating effectively is about being able to well talk with one another and to be able to get their point across and verbal skills. For example young children often go of track very easily and
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