Health Status Of Health Care Essay

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Compare health status There are 100 core indicators published by WHO to compare countries for their health system. These indicators are divided into Health system, health status, risk factor, nutrition coverage. These 100 indicators provide overall picture of health status of a country. Following table will give such relevant health status data about our countries of interest. Table 1 Comparison of various health indices between USA, Canada and India Indicator/ Country Canada USA India Infant mortality rate (per 1000 live birth) (2015) 4 6 38 Life expectancy at birth (in years) (2013) 81 79 68 Maternal Mortality/100000 live births (2015) 7 14 174 (World Bank) Health care organization (Structure and finance): In India, Health care is provided by private and public provider. Private providers constitute more than 80 % of service provided (Healthcare indicator, 2010). Public system comprises Primary health center, community center (at district level), and tertiary center. Health insurance is mostly private except employee state insurance scheme, central government health scheme, defense, railway employee. Private health system includes clinics, nursing home, hospitals. It accounts for 67 % 30,000 total hospitals, 33% of 1 million beds (Healthcare indicator, 2010). So health care finance in India is mostly private as
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