Health Status of Aboriginal People in Ontario

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Health Status of Aboriginal people in Ontario

Taylor Veran

Health Careers and Informatics
Lorrie Lough
November 1st, 2012

The majority of health issues that the Aboriginal community faces are related directly and indirectly to social, economic, cultural and political areas. Infrastructure, housing, employment, income, environmental and education are connected to the individual and community based effects of health.
The health status of aboriginals in Ontario is very poor. There are a lot of health care needs for aboriginals that live in Northwest Ontario, also because the population is so high. The first nations population is the largest (958,000) Followed by the Metis (266,000) and the Inuit (51,000). Every year the
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Living conditions such as overcrowding of dwellings, poor sanitation, limited food and water supply and underserviced homes all contribute to the health and well being of this population group. Overcrowding can greatly increase the risk of transmitting diseases such as tuberculosis, hepatitis A, and shigellosis. Studies have reported that these diseases have a higher rate in provinces that have a higher population of aboriginals, such as Ontario. (Dr. Chandrakant P. Shah. 2005, page. 21) Although the health of some Aboriginal peoples is gradually improving, it is generally still poorer than the health of non-Aboriginal peoples living in Ontario. The Aboriginal Peoples Survey indicates that the most commonly reported chronic health conditions for Aboriginal peoples in Ontario over 15 years of age and living off reserve are: arthritis or rheumatism, high blood pressure, asthma, stomach problems, diabetes, and heart problems. (Noelle Spotton. 2001, page. 20)

A lot of aboriginal students are now graduating high school in the past few years. But, now they seem to rank lower in education, higher rates of unemployment, along with higher rates of smoking, alcohol and drug abuse, which can lead to needing a lot more health care than the average person. (Dr. Chandrakant P. Shah. 2005, page.3) Different kinds of cancer, diabetes, infectious diseases as well as chronic diseases that was once unknown to the indigenous people has been on the rise within the

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