Health System Differences : Louisiana And Illinois

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HEALTH SYSTEM DIFFERENCES: LOUISIANA AND ILLINOIS The Health system in Louisiana and Illinois is widely different on basis of access to healthcare, mental health issues and many others. Looking at overall performance of healthcare system by measuring 42 different variables such as at systemic level, from insurance coverage to vaccination rates to avoidable hospital stays and at individual level, from rate of obesity to numbers of adults who have lost six or more teeth, Illinois is among the third quartile while Louisiana is among the bottom quartile (The Atlantic, 2014). Furthermore, we can identify the differences by measuring indicators of health status such as adult obesity rate, mental health issues in young and adults and adult smoking behavior. For health resources, we would look for access to health care, primary care physician and mental health providers. For identification of risk factors, we have to mainly measure the uninsured rate and for focusing on child issues, measure rate of teen-age pregnancy, low birth weight children and infant mortality in the country. The three important differences in health care system in Louisiana and Illinois are the number of primary care physician and the prevalence of chronic risk factor among population also the number of mental health providers and the prevalence of mental health issues, the rate of uninsured people leading to limitation in access to healthcare and last but not the least is the prevalence of low birth weight
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