Health System in Mauritius

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Mauritius, being a welfare state, has to make sure that all the inhabitants are living in good conditions. The most important that has to be taken into consideration is the health of the people. Health is a greatest gift, contentment the greatest wealth, faithfulness the best relationship, said Buddha. The role of the Ministry of Health is to ensure that all the medical facilities are available to the population and improvements are being made as it is the main objective of the health system and there have been progressions in the health system over the past decades.

Access to health services is easy in Mauritius. Government hospitals were opened to serve the people. Millions of
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Nowadays, people don’t have time for themselves nor they are taking care of their health. Busy with loads of work, the people most of the time consume fast food, which have a negative impact on their health. Moreover, the amount of smokers and alcoholic are increasing at a high rate in the country. People are starting to smoke at very young age and are also becoming drug addicts. Regardless of the fact excessive alcohol is harmful, drugs and smoking kill, the people are still not leaving that bad habit. In order to create awareness, increases knowledge, changes attitudes and moves people to change their behaviour and to adopt a healthier lifestyle, sensitisation campaigns like Anti-Smoking, Anti-Alcohols, having a balanced diet and practising exercises daily are being held. Whether on tv, radio or magazines, we are being made conscious about the importance of our health. .

Apart from having the public sector, we also have a well established private sector The private sector absorbs 32% of the total expenditure on health in the country. . In a year, the private sector has 27, 000 admissions for in-patient treatment, undertakes 13,000 surgical operations and delivers over 2,000 babies. Some people choose private hospitals instead of public hospitals due to better service quality and admission procedures. There are reliable doctors and nursing officers and their attitude are courteous and they are more hospitable and are ready to help.
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