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In this issue of Health Times, we are briefly going to recap our last few topics. The topics are as follows – how to prevent communicable diseases, reduce the risk of noncommunicable diseases, and how to increase personal safety. We're sending out this message once again in hopes that more readers eyes will catch these words, put meaning to them, and incorporate these habits into their personal lives. One of the most important ways to prevent communicable diseases is washing your hands. Your hands touch a lot of different things every day, and all of those things have no doubt been touched by a hundred other things covered in germs from all the things those things have touched! Washing with soap and warm water is extremely helpful
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Natural disasters, car accidents, physical injuries, and even other people can be detrimental to your health; however this does not mean you should fear everyone and everything, this just means you need to be aware and observant! Natural disasters are not something you can prevent, but you can prevent injuries that these events would cause by knowing how to respond to incoming destructive weather. First of all, get educated on the types of weather your area is most likely to experience. If you live somewhere in which there is a lot of rain, you may be at risk for flash floods or perhaps lightning storms. In that case, you would want to have a few secure places to retreat to in the chance that a storm hit. You should have plenty of resources available to you and any family members, including dehydrated food, water, medical supplies, copies of important documents in case your belongings were destroyed or damaged, flashlights, extra batteries, and blankets and spare clothing. Always be prepared! You should also be educated on proper vehicular safety. Here's a tip you've probably already heard: Don't text and drive! This phrase is said so often because it truly is so important, and choosing to ignore it can be life-threatening. Taking your eyes off the road to entertain a distraction for a just a few seconds at the wrong time in the wrong place is a risk taken with your life on the line, or even someone else's, and the experience alone could scare you out of ever wanting to drive again… take it from someone who was in that exact situation. A text can wait, your car
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