Health Trends Among Nursing Students

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Running Head: HEALTH TRENDS AMONG NURSING STUDENTS 12 HEALTH TRENDS AMONG NURSING STUDENTS Current Health Trends among Nursing Students and Implementation of Practices in the Clinical Setting Carly A. Vitale Remington College School of Nursing Introduction The nursing profession is one that requires compassion, skill, and extensive knowledge of healthcare. Physicians, nurses, and other clinical professionals implement interventions from comprehensive plans of care that are unique to their clients based on their presenting problems. Nurses are healthcare professionals who spend one-on-one time with their patients and provide bedside care. Nurses are present with their clients from the admission process through discharge and…show more content…
Literature Review Promoting Self Awareness in Undergraduate Nursing Students in Relation to their Health Status and Personal Behaviours by Healy and Patsy (2010) regards a study conducted by the Department of Nursing and Health Studies at St. Angela?s College in Sligo, Ireland. In this study they created a workshop for 65 undergraduate first year nursing students in a four-year baccalaureate program. The purpose of this workshop was to train students to utilize self-assessment regarding their own health practices (Healy and Patsy, 2010). This study cited the World Health Organization (1986) when explaining the shift in focus of healthcare. In recent times there has been more of a focus on promoting optimal health for the client as opposed focusing on the disease process. This is what helps define the nursing process as a holistic approach to the individuals in care (Healy and Patsy, 2010). Before explaining the purpose and modules of the workshop, this article reviewed other studies that explored similar areas. A Turkish study conducted on 70 students promoted health-related curricular activities among participants. This study found that students became more involved in practicing autonomous health behaviors by the end of their fourth year of nursing. This study concluded that nurse educators are responsible for shaping their students in a way that will make them
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