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Health Triangle Essay Do you consider yourself to be healthy? Well the definition of health is a combination of physical, mental/emotional, and social well being, not merely the absence of diseases. The health triangle consists of three sides; social health, physical health, and mental health. It is very important to have the sides on you health triangle equal. Without all of the sides being equal it will not only affect that one but will throw off the other two as well. To have a healthy health triangle all sides must be the same. This is important because focusing one side of the triangle way more that the other causes you to be unhealthy and changes balance of the other sides. The people you talk too, daily activities and emotions all …show more content…
Some things that I do are that whenever I'm stressed is listen to music because it helps me relax and forget about my situation. I also talk to someone I really trust about a problem I have or advice. This helps me express how I feel and not keep my feelings to myself. The last side of the health triangle is social health. Social health is your relationships and your reactions to the people around you. Social health is about having and maintaining friendships and relationships, getting along and working well with others, and giving and receiving support. Some ways to improve your social health are to join a sport , meet new people, and going out with friends. Some things that I do to improve my social health are going out with my friends to the movies. It helps us keep our relationship and gives us an opportunity to meet new people. Another thing I do is talk on the phone because it helps me make arrangements and keep in touch with family and friends that live far away. Overall the health triangle is a big part of everyone’s life and is a basic outline of how healthy a person is, being healthy isn't just about staying fit and looking good. Based on the health triangle it's a combination of physical, social and mental emotional health. Everyone should try and work an all three aspects to be healthy. It's important that you try to balance the time spent on each because spending way too much time on one aspect can throw the whole triangle off balance and

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