Health Wellness And Prevention Service Intern

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Section I. Health Wellness and Prevention Service Intern Part A. Name of organization I interned at the health Wellness and Prevention Service Office, under the administration of Tricia Hughes. Eastern Washington University’s Health, Wellness, and Prevention Services (HWPS) are dedicated to supporting students, and helping them develop a balance and healthy lifestyle. The HWPS office offers a Variety of wellness and prevention programs, as well as peer-to-peer educational program and events each quarter. This Program is targeted at the most collective concerns and interest that college students may face; which includes nutrition, physical activity, stress, healthy relationship, mental, health promotion, suicide prevention, sexual health, alcohol and other drugs, and sexual assault prevention.
My supervisor Tricia Hughes is the wellness director of the office; she is on top of the organizational chart. Tricia plans and directs the wellness programs and is in charge of designing health communication strategies, implemented evidence-based prevention and environmental programs, facilitated community processes and collaborations, provided professional development, and works to radiate possibility and positivity. Tricia also oversees staff operations, business planning and budget development, and ensures the services are in compliance with professional standards and requirements. Next on the organizational chart, we have Laura Mathieson who is the Health
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