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The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, in the beginning of 2007, funded Health Workforce Solutions LLC (HWS) in their project to create new innovative care models that can establish proficient and successful ways to deliver health care (Joynt & Kimball, 2008, January). In total, HWS selected 24 models of the original 60 care delivery models to conduct in-depth research. Throughout the years, many institutions have incorporated these different models, either independently or in combination. Although all models met the criteria of HWS, and are beneficial in their own way, the Unit-Based Care Manager model will be the subject of this paper. The Unit-Based Care Manager model, "is a new role created for Clinical Nurse Leaders (CNL 's), where a hospital unit 's care team and delivery is redesigned to leverage the CNL 's knowledge, experience, and functionality" (Joynt & Kimball, 2008, January). In fact, one example of the benefits of implying this model is hand hygiene compliance. Results show from CNL Role Immersions Practicum Experiences, that improvement went from 30% to over 70% with just this implementation ( Reid & Dennison, 2011, September 30). In turn, incorporating the Unit-Based Care Manager model would possibly benefit the Miami VA Healthcare System. After working at the Miami VA for the past couple of months, I have noticed a gap in the patient centered care that is being given to our Veterans. This gap is not necessarily noted in the primary care given, but the

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