Health and Safety Culture Essay

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SEVERFIELD-REEVE STRUCTURES [pic] Developing Total Ownership A Strategy to Improve Health and Safety Developing a positive Health and Safety Culture Written by Dave Atkinson Contents Page: Section Title Page: 1 Contents Page Page: 2 1: Executive Summary Page: 3 2: Introduction 2a: Business organisation Page: 9 3: Assessment of existing culture 3a: Report of Indicators 3b: Report of methodology and conduct of survey 3c: Report of findings with interpretation 3d: Conclusion Page: 35 4: Strategy for Improving the Health and Safety Culture 4a: Aims and objectives 4b: Priorities for action 4c: Resources and constraints 4d: Implementation plan 4e:…show more content…
The actions required to improve the health and safety culture are seen as training line managers and foremen in IOSH Managing Safely and making them responsible and accountable for health and safety (including housekeeping) within their area of control. In addition to this it may be necessary to discipline individuals and foremen/managers for continued breaches of health and safety procedures. The strategy put forward will promote and put in place a positive Health and Safety climate and culture needed to reach company expectations and achieve “Total Ownership”. Wherever possible, costs have been kept ‘in house’ by utilising skills within the group. Although there will be some initial improvements –the change in health and safety culture is a long term goal requiring ongoing commitment from senior management. If the strategy is fulfilled there will be in place (combined with Quality and Environmental standards) a business culture that gives a leading edge over the company’s main competitors in gaining contracts from UK and international clients In addition to the front line business financial benefits, there will also be a reduction in the likelihood of prosecution from the HSE and decline in employee liability claims. Section 2 Introduction The aim of this
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