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TASK 1: 2
Reference Guide for Health and Social Care workplace: 2
Overview: 2
1.1 Reviews of systems, policies and procedures for communication: Health and Safety 2
1.2 Responsibilities in a specific health and social care: 4
1.2.1 Organizational Responsibilities: 4
1.2.2 Monitoring and evaluating process: 5
1.2.3 Inspecting the workplace: 5
1.2.4 Management Structure: 5
1.2.5 Representation: 6
1.3 Analysis of Health and Safety priorities: 6
1.3.1 Safety aid: 6 Walking aid: 6 Wheelchair: 6 Security system: 6 Door locks: 6 Cameras: 7 Gates: 7 Alarms: 7
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Similarly, as per the Health and Safety Executive 1991, organization needs to manage all health and safety measures of the same degree and standard as other core activities of that business firm [Available from:, 21st November 2012].
Researcher reviewed that adoption of health and safety measures is important to implement in any workplace as it promotes well-being and disease free environment. As per Health and Safety Act 1974, workers can be assigned for individual responsibility and it can be applied to both employers and employees. This act also ensures that any safety tool or measures cannot be hampered as it is for general interest of staffs, clients and visitors (Zanko and Dawson, 2012).
The Health and Safety at Work Act 1974, a governing body which is operated for managing risk responsibility is the structure of the safety committee [Available from:, 21st November 2012]. The researcher observed the structure of the organization that deals with responsibilities for Health and Safety.

Fig 1: Organizational structure for Health and Safety in a Workplace
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1.2 Responsibilities in a specific health and social care:
Health and social care ensure that safety measures are properly adopted

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