Health and Social Care L3 Unit 618 Essays

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Unit 618 Understand mental well-being and mental health promotion.
Outcome 1
1. As individuals are all different, they can respond to the same situation differently. In the same way, individuals can view and cope with their mental well-being and mental health differently. Someone with a negative view of their own situation may feel that they are to blame or not accept the consequences of their actions, they may find it difficult to deal with their own mental health and well-being. A positive individual may cope better with factors affecting their mental health and well-being. They may deal with their mental state in a more pragmatic way.
2. There are a range of factors which may influence mental well-being and mental health problems
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Socially valued roles and support should mean groups or communities are equipped to cope with mental health issues.
Outcome 2
1. An individual can take steps to promote their mental well-being and mental health. These steps could be social connections, being active, learning and developing themselves, social involvement and self awareness. Connecting with other people and developing relationships are important for an individual’s mental well-being. Staying active can help maintain a positive mental state. Learning new skills can create a sense of achievement and improve self esteem. Involvement in the local community or other social groups can develop strong social inclusion encouraging mental well-being. Being aware of own feelings and emotional state means an individual can maintain their mental well-being.
2. It is important to support an individual in promoting their mental well-being and mental health. When offering support it is important to be patient, understanding and accepting. Talking to the individual can provide an insight into what they are going through and offering advice based on their current state of mind. Researching different mental health issues and offering resources to the individual can help them to develop new strategies to cope.
3. When supporting an individual to promote their mental well-being and mental health, there are different strategies to use. One strategy could be to involve them in activities such as trips out, arts and

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