Health and Social Care Level 3 Extended Diploma - Unit 9, Task 1

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Case Study

Miley Ashworth is 15 years old and lives with her mother Janie, her stepfather Ben and her younger sister Melissa who is 12 years old; they live in a 3 bedroom house in a council estate based in Bognor Regis. They were transferred here from Angering 3 years ago due to Mileys anti-social behaviour causing nothing but upset and aggravation to her neighbours. Since moving to this new estate Miley has been warned that she must stay on her best behaviour and she has done so up until November this year, three months ago, since then she has been suspected of dealing drugs and is now two months pregnant from who she does not know who the father is. This year, her behaviour and attitude took a toll on her life; she failed her GCSES and
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At the doctors, they will also arrange some antenatal care for Miley as well as answer any questions she may have about the dos and don’ts and about what she should and shouldn’t whilst pregnant, on top of this they will also provide the ‘what’s next?’ step and to her options and classes available to her. I think it is very important that Miley attends regular classes regarding everything she may need to know for the upcoming months as well as the birth and even for when the baby arrives, she will be able to go along and observe or even get involved depending on the class and whether any of the mothers wish to let her experience certain aspects using their child, alongside this it will open up many avenues such as meeting other parents to be, there will be varied ages including some of similar age to herself. Whilst meeting other mum to be’s or even parents, she will be able to ask questions and get some answers from real life experience. They then made an appointment with the midwife who will deal with scans and care for both Miley and her baby. A Midwifes duty is very important for a pregnant woman and her child, not only do they teach and educate, they also empower women to take control of their own health. In most communities midwifes provide prenatal care or supervision of the pregnancy, after assisting throughout the
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