Health and Social Care Level 3 Unit 2 Essay

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Musab Omar
Unit 2
ID No 20235744 Know Discriminatory practices in health and social care
Discriminatory practice in health and social care happens for many reasons including some important factors that are normally the cause of discriminatory practice for example a person may be discriminated against because on the basis of their diversity. One important discriminatory practice is because of culture. A person’s Culture is important to them and identifies who they are in the world. It is developed within the social group they are raised in, and can change when they are mature enough to decide for their selves what culture best suit them. In addition respecting a person’s culture is
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Another important discrimination practice in health and social care is the age of an individual. Age discrimination happens when someone is treated unfavourably because of their age, without justification, or is harassed and victimised because of their age. Age discrimination also happens when someone is denied something because of their age, for example there were controversies regarding giving older people drugs because of their shorter life expectancy, due to their age. Some people have argued that the money would be better spent on drugs for younger people. This is a massive discrimination against older people. An example of age discrimination in a health and social setting is that someone might not be provided a certain service because of their old age for example if they apply for a job as a nurse they might refuse their application because of their old age. This is a type of discrimination in a lot jobs but this was an example from a health and social service.
Social class is another important type in which discrimination is based upon. Our social class is apparent from the place where we live. The higher the class, the better the place is kept and maintained. This inequality has also infiltrated health and social care. For example members of the department of health publication claim that the poor are more likely to get cancer than the rich, and their chances of survival are lower too. However at the

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