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P3- There is many different strategies that can be used to minimise the effect(s) of challenging behaviour in health and social care. Some of these strategies have a bigger impact on children, depending on the children(s) behaviour. Such strategies include; Naughty chair, speaking (feeling and emotion), 2 warnings, these are all sanctions, which are implemented in home and schools, such as the 3 warnings. When the children/child has done the sanction appropriate for the behaviour a reward should be put in place, such as a reward chart, meaning to stars and you get a bag of sweets, or a day out etc.
Having these sanctions in place along with the reward chart, means that the child will be told off, and have time to reflect on their
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For the praise system to work, you will need to have a system that will work for the specific child/children you will be using it on, whether at home or in schools.

D1- Using the naughty chair and reward sanction works is because you’re taking them out of the situation they were in and letting them reflect on their actions. When the child is put on the chair the adult should be persistent, the longer the child plays up and the amount of time is restarted the child will eventually give up, say sorry and then get the reward for doing ‘time’. Over time the child will get so bored of being on the chair therefore meaning the amount of time will be decreased, and if persistent in time the child won’t play up as much as they did at the beginning.
Using the naughty char sanction is a better way of telling the child off, but in a way that they understand why there on the chair, and for how long. If you were to send a child to their bedroom or a separate room because of the naughty behaviour isn’t teaching he child anything, especially when they don’t know how long or why they have being sent to the specific room. This could make the child play up more as they would be upset, sometimes when children are upset they will tend to play up, therefore meaning the naughty

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