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Adil Mombrikotb. Outcome 1 Explain what is meant by. Diversity | Diversity means differences in ethnicity, heritage, customs, beliefs and values. It could be someone’s physical appearance, mental capabilities, etc. I have been taught that personal identity which is formed from a young age allows you to realise you are their own person. Diversity is positive and should be respected and valued because nobody is completely the same as anyone else. Telling them that being different from everyone else makes us unique, and that we must value the diversity and differences that surround us, in order to work together to make our society a positive place to live. | Equality | Equality is often defined as treating everyone the same. But I…show more content…
Valuing the beliefs of others and keeping a wide ranging and accepting perception will aid considerably in the promotion of equality. A community which is based on the fair rights of humanity realizes that consciousness, self esteem, culture and physical and mental health are interrelated. In order to provide a balance in society the health care sector must be free of all prejudice and discriminatory practices. The most important factor in developing inclusive practices is to provide the necessary training to all health care and support workers. A good care worker will be ingrained with the value of accepting, accommodating and respecting the diversity of all patients /clients, thus providing an enriched level of care. Outcome 2. 1. Explain which legislation and codes of practice relating to equality, diversity and discrimination apply to own role. -Mental capacity act The Mental Capacity Act makes clear who can take decisions in which situations, and how they should go about this. Anyone who works with or cares for an adult who lacks capacity must comply with the MCA when making decisions or acting for that person. This applies whether decisions are life changing events or more every day matters and is relevant to adults of any age, regardless of when they lost capacity. The underlying philosophy of the MCA is to ensure that those who lack capacity are

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