Health and Social Care Essay

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Infection control The different routes, through which infection can get into the body, are: * You can get an infection through the respiratory tract and into the lung, by a cough, cold, influenza and any other common airborne infections that are contracted in this fashion. * You could get it through a cut or wound that has broken the skin, one of the main functions of the skin is to act as a barrier against any infection. Anything that penetrates the skin or for that matter the mucous membrane that lines the mouth or nose provides a route for infection to enter. This would be either bites, scratches, puncture wounds by needles this is an increase the risk of infection. * Other way is down the digestive tract, food, drink or…show more content…
* After smoking * Before administering medicines * You would need to wear the minimum amount of jewelry as it can carry infections around and you don’t want to be passing that on to other staff or clients * When dealing with a client you should wear personal protective equipment such as gloves and aprons, to prevent you from catching an infection or you passing one on. * If you have a cut or broken skin then you need to cover it up with a waterproof dressing. * To make sure that you disposal of any sharps in the correct way possible to prevent an infection. The social care worker’s role in supporting others to promote best practice

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