Essay on Health and Social Care

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TASK ONE- A written piece of work Task 1 requires you to submit a written piece of work covering all learning outcomes (LO1s, LO2s & LO3s) with a reflective account embedded in the context of work. Your submission of not more than 3000 words should include: Outcomes and assessment requirements Outcomes Assessment requirements On successful completion of this unit a learner will: To achieve each outcome a learner must demonstrate the ability to: LO1. Understand how health and safety legislation is implemented in the health and social care workplace 1.1 Review systems, policies and procedures for communicating information on health and social care workplace in accordance with legislative requirements. 1.2 Assess the…show more content…
TASK TWO – Health & Safety Policy Manual- written assignment Produce a H&S Policy Manual which demonstrates your knowledge and understanding of how health and safety legislation is implemented in a health and social care workplace. Your Policy Manual should provide a review of systems, policies and procedures for communication of health and safety in a workplace. Discuss and analyse the health and safety priorities appropriate to a work setting. Provide an organogram of the Health and Safety positions in an organisation and explain the responsibilities associated with these roles. Use your organogram to assess the importance of the roles. Your Policy manual should provide a review of the systems and policies for communicating information on health, safety and security to staff, clients and visitors in accordance with the legislative requirements (Diagrams and flowcharts can be used here). Note: Task 2 covers partly for LO1s TASK THREE- Prepare a care plan for a service user of your choice. This task requires you to carry out a risk assessment in a work environment. Include the full risk assessment as part of the information you include in your submission. A Care Plan for a service user based on the information will be provided and you will be required to evaluate the risk and make recommendations on improving the Care Plan. Note: Task 2 & 3 must be submitted on week 6 as separate
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