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London Churchill College Topics: Psychology for Health & Social Care Practice (Unit 15) BTEC Higher National Diploma (HND) in Health & Social Care QCF Level 4 [A study of Psychology in Health & Social Care] By: Shah Shamima Begum To: Suzanne Lutchmun ID: LCC-20123434 Group A 1.1 Compare different psychological theories of lifespan dependent Answer to the question no 1.1 Developmental theories provide a set of guiding principles and concepts that describe and explain human development. Some developmental theories focus on the formation of a specific quality, such as Kohlberg 's theory of moral development. Other developmental theories focus on growth that happens throughout the lifespan, such as Erikson 's…show more content…
The second, broader definition is that human behavior consists of "all interactions in a given behavioral system." According to Miller and Schiffer such a broad definition of behavior is important because it unites various aspects of human actions, which have been studied in isolation in different fields. Thus, the primary focus of biologists on a range of reflexes and muscular motions as the basis of behavior and the main emphasis of sociologists on interpersonal relationships as its foundation can be united in one logical framework. One of the most important scientific investigations with respect to human behavior focuses on identifying the primary factors that determine it. Recent findings in fields such as human genomics, cognitive and information sciences shed new light and improve our understanding of the ways, in which genes and learning influence behavior. What is more, investigations of complex social and ecological processes have revealed feedback mechanisms, in which collective human behavior itself may be responsible for changing the genetic makeup of the population over generations. Such findings and the current state of the emerging field of behavioral genetics are summarized by the distinguished academics Cynthia Coll, Elaine Bearer and Richard Lerner, editors of the compendium Nature and Nurture: The Complex Interplay of Genetic
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