Essay Health and Social Care Unit 11

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Unit 11 Safeguarding. P1) Describe forms of abuse which may be experienced by adults. Physical Abuse - Is a form of abuse which may be violent towards another person who this person may be vulnerable and might not be able to protect themselves. Examples of this may be; cuts, bruises, and possible broken bones. The long term effects that physical abuse could have are mental illness, scared of people coming near them, loose self-esteem and confidence, and may become vulnerable. Sexual Abuse- This may occur when there is unwanted sexual contact or forceful proceedings to do something sexual which you may not want to do. This normally involves two people but could be more people involved. Examples of this could be rape and touching…show more content…
This could be because; * Their age * Their illness – forgetful, weak, not able to cry for help, not sure what’s happening. * Their vulnerable * They can’t fight back. * Might react differently to different things. immediate effects of a service user being abused in a care home could be; * They start to lose their confidence * They get scared when a member of staff comes near them * They start to become confused as to what is going on. The long term effect of a service user being abused in a care home could be; * Their confidence has gone completely * They lose all trust in the staff members * They won’t let anyone near them. * Become depressed. * In some serious circumstances - death. An elderly person, who has a mental illness, is potentially at risk of being abused. This could be because; * They don’t know what’s going on. * They can easily be confused * There vulnerable * Their illness might mean that there brain might function correctly or make them have a brain age of someone younger. Staff could use this opportunity to treat them like babies instead of their correct age. * They might not be able to fight back. The long term effects of someone who has a mental illness and is being abused are; * They have lost their confidence * Lose all trust in people * Scarred for
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