Health and Social Care Unit 21 P3

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Nutrition- P3 * Socio- cultural * Socialization * Social policy

* Health factors * Dietary habits * Lifestyle * Economics

Food is essential for life, our dietary intake is influenced by many different factors this includes:

Children act 2004- every child matters.
Health Factors
There are several different conditions which can influence the foods that we eat.
For example Celiac Disease, Celiac disease is a disorder caused by a sensitivity to gluten.
When the gluten reaches the small intestine, it activates the immune system to attack the intestine lining. Destroying the finger like projections called Villi which are involved in the absorption of the nutrients.

Lactose Intolerance
This is caused by a lack of
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People who exercise more will have different diets to those who do not exercise. Carbohydrates are very important for athletes as it provides fuel. Carbohydrate is stored as glycogen in the liver and muscles, and released when needed during exercise. It is easily broken down to provide energy. The other source of energy is fat, but this cannot be converted into energy as quickly as glycogen.

Another influence on the diet would be your occupation. It is no surprise that a personal trainer will burn far more calories than an office worker. As people get old they will do less physical activity so if this is the case their energy needs reduce. If they do not reduce their calorie intake they will start to gain weight, which will put strain on ageing joints.

The way people spend there their leisure tie can also influence what they eat. Most people eat differently on holiday and will treat themselves and eat unhealthy fatty foods. Some destinations can pose risks due poor food hygiene, and some parasitic diseases can cause long term health problems.

Economic Factors

It is proved that a healthy diet costs more that an unhealthy diet. Supermarkets have been criticised for focusing on high – fat, salty and sugary foods when running promotions.

The food you are able to eat may depend on how easy it is for you to access shops.
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