Health and Social Care - Unit 7 (P1&P2) Principle Sociological Perspectives

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Principal Sociological Perspectives P1 & P2 The principal sociological perspectives are Functionalism, Marxism, Feminism, Interactionism, collectivism, postmodernism, ‘New Right’. Functionalist Approach Functionalism is a sociological approach that sees the institutions of society – which are sometimes likened to the human body, as the institutions, such as the police, hospitals, etc, work in union and they make specific contributions to the smooth running of society. Talcott Parsons (1902 – 1979) Parsons contributed to the development of functionalism, as he saw society as a system made up of linking establishments which played a role in the smooth running and continuity. He also said that the main role of an institution was for…show more content…
Through socialisation, the attitudes and values of the ruling class are eventually passed on, rather than the common value system of the Proletariat. This is so much of a success because the majority of the Proletariat do not realise that the bourgeoisie are exploiting them or that they inevitably serve the needs of the bourgeoisie. False Consciousness A false consciousness is that the proletariat do not realise that it is happening and they are not aware of the situations in which they are being exploited in, this can explain why conflicting interests rarely end in a revolution. Similarly to the Functionalist, Marxists see the family as a provider and that they give a stable structure in which society needs them to become somewhat of a servant of the social system. The Family Contextually, the family provides socialisation for children, so they can eventually be prepared for the trials and tribulations of the ‘outside world’. And because children have a lack of power within the family unit, it prepares them to be obedient when consulting with bosses, or those of a higher position, as adults. The family also provide a secure emotional base, so that workers can refresh then rejoin co-workers to make profits for their

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