Essay about Health and Social Care a-Level Unit 7 M2 and D1

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M2- Use different sociological perspectives to discuss patterns and trends of health and illness in TWO different social groups.
I’m going to write about two different social groups, Gender and Social Class because Feminism fits in to gender and Marxism fits into Social Class.
D1- Evaluate different sociological explanations for patterns and trends of health and illness in two different social groups.
Social Class- Marxism.
M2: This table shows that people who live in most deprived areas are more likely to smoke, are less likely to have a good education, they more than likely lived in poverty as a child. This table also shows that the least deprived people are the people with the most education and then end up becoming a professional
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Feminists would not agree with this graph because they believe men live longer than men, women would suggest that women are being more deprived as they are seen as the more emotional gender and also that they are being disadvantaged because they believe that they are ruled by the men. They believe that men get the higher jobs than women for example, men can be builders, coal miner’s etc. men are seen to have more physical hard labour jobs compared to women because women are seen to be house wives and have less hard laboured jobs for example, cooking, cleaning and childcare. If a man and a woman both applied to be a head teacher its more than likely that the man would get the job because of the fact women have children and would maternity leave which is having time off work. Although one of the reasons why women tend to live longer is because they are seen to be more health conscious for example, if they even have a small sign of illness they tend to go to the doctors to get medication or help to cure the illness whereas when it comes to men, they don’t seek help until the illness or disease gets really bad even when it’s almost too late to cure.
D1: Feminists actually contradict their selves by saying men live longer than themselves and also that men rule over women making them the deprived gender although women actually live longer than men due to the facts I went through in M2. In feminism, they don’t
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