Health and Wealth Benefits at Perfect Brew Coffee Company

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Perfect Brew Coffee Company Determine what health and welfare benefit programs should be offered? Of the 225 employees at Perfect Brew Coffee, only fifty are full-time employees who are eligible for a benefits package, or slightly under twenty five percent of the total workforce. Of these employees, just under half are unionized (20 employees). Currently PCB is offering limited benefits to their full-time employees consisting of health insurance, vacation and sick leave. The union employees pay no premium for health care and the remainder of the employees pays ten percent of their premiums. There are several important considerations in determining what health and welfare benefits should be offered. One important fact is the presence of the union. Currently the union's size makes it a force in negotiations but its bargaining power would grow even larger if the size of the union increased. Unions who are effectively organized can make a significant difference in payroll expenditures. For example, one report based on collective data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that median weekly earning are twenty eight percent higher for unionized workers than non-unionized employees in the same roles (SEIU, 2011). In 2010 union workers had an average of $917 in weekly earnings while non-union workers earning an average $717. Such figures show the bargaining advantages of being in a union. Currently PBC is near a tipping point in which any further unionization would

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