Health and Wellness Education

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*Health And* Wellness Education HWE 100 HUMAN NUTRITION 3 CREDITS Introduces basic principles of nutrition with emphasis on personal nutrition. Satisfies nutrition requirement of students entering healthcare professions. HWE 108 WEIGHT LOSS 1 CREDIT Focuses on combining a healthy diet and exercise to shed unwanted pounds and inches. The course will include online sessions that will focus on personal habits including diet that lead to weight gain and exercise session appropriate for the student. *HWE 111 HEALTH AND FITNESS * 3 CREDITs Studies health and fitness in the U.S. today. The course will look at personal health issues, managing stress, nutrition and healthy life styles. HWE 122…show more content…
The student will be introduced to the field of kinesiology by providing a broad overview of the major topics in the area. *HWE 237 EXERCISE*, NUTRITION Discusses the concepts of improved performance in all fitness areas. Emphasis is placed upon updated information associated with nutrition and human performance. Measurement of body composition is used as it correlates to training and diet/ exercise programs. Introduces the student to the physiological responses and adaptations of individuals to exercise as well as the application to sports medicine, rehabilitation and general fitness. The laboratory provides experiences that demonstrate the underlying theoretical constructs that govern physiological responses and adaptations to exercise. PREREQUISITE: BIO 201, “C” or better. HWE 248 EXERCISE TESTING AND Provides the student with the opportunity to conduct laboratory fitness assessments, evaluate test results and develop exercise prescriptions. In addition, the student will be expected to become knowledgeable about the promotion and marketing of fitness programs. HWE 255 CERTIFIED PERSONAL TRAINER Provides the student with theoretical knowledge and practical skills in preparation for a nationally recognized personal training certification approved by the Colorado Community College System. These Certifications are limited to the following:
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