Health and Wellness Plan

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Beth Zender

Total Support a Comprehensive Support System for Bariatric Surgery

1 The Total Support System will provide comprehensive support through the patient’s process of choosing bariatric surgery as a choice for weight loss and a healthier lifestyle. The goal is successful support starting with the first consultation and following the patient through the process. To provide a comprehensive support program the four major components will include mental support, medical support, nutritional support and healthy life style assistance. Mental support will include personal, one on one counseling, group therapy with a psychologist and other members in the program. Nutritional support will begin
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Criteria for weight loss surgery will be explained and information on health risks of obesity will be presented. They will be given an opportunity to meet with financial counselors to discuss insurance coverage and financial options. All new members will be given a “Total Support System” membership card. The card will have a client ID number for making appointments and can be used at participating businesses for discounts on local produce, athletic apparel and shoes, Gym memberships, and healthy menu selections at restaurants. The seminar will offer a review of the website showing the links to forms, a personal journal for tracking success, directions to facilities involved in meetings, preoperative appointments, the surgery center and doctor’s office. The patients can also review basic information about their journey and the benefits of weight loss by using the tabs for each section of information. 6 Now that the patient is ready to commit to the weight loss procedure, they will work closely with the team while preparing for the surgery. They will support the patient as they make appointments with the Psychologist for testing, provide regular assessments of the patient’s state of health to include body measurements and progress. The patients will become used to the process of going
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