Health and Wellness Program

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Robin Phillips
CGD 218 Visual Literacy in Business
Health and Wellness Program
Dr. Ashish Godbole
October 9, 2010

Due to the rising costs of health care insurance, it would be very beneficial to employees as well as Companies/Organizations themselves to implement a health and wellness program in work places.
Facilitating a Health and Wellness Program in the workplace is the greatest assessment an employer can make because it would be an investment in their most valuable asset, the employees. With there being more urgency today than ever before, America is under pressure to be productive even as healthcare costs proceed to rise and bombard the most important resource, the employees. Research and data show:
• Health and Wellness in
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Incentives can vary from tokens of success, such as t-shirts, water bottles, sports gear, to more extensive financial awards, such as cold hard cash or I owe you vouchers for the triumphant completion of a program. Nationwide Insurance companies are seeing results from a little incentive program opened by one of the company’s nurses. To inspire walking at lunch time, the worker has casually initiated a “shoelace program” designed after the karate-belt color scheme. At the high point of the reward scale, a number of companies/organizations pay cash to staff members who satisfy wellness goals. Luk, Inc. present staff members with $250 for quieting smoking and staying smoke free for a year. The most helpful motivator, as advertised by Gordian research, comes from uniting involvement in wellness programs straight to insurance premiums. Doing so plainly proves to employees the positive outcomes of wellness on their own healthcare expenditure. Frequently, the first step in uniting wellness programming to insurance exposure is lowering deductibles for wellness care or removing deductibles altogether. By supplementing this benefit, companies can encourage employees to take on routine screenings and other measures to take action against health problems before they become permanent. Early detection is beneficial to employee health and company healthcare expenditure (Health Wellness, 2010, Health and Wellness in the Workplace). A few studies have
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