Health and safety legislations

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Health and Safety At Work Act – 1974 – In this sector this act ensures the safety and welfare of all its employees in any work activity by protecting others against risks to health and also safety of anyone who is affected by work activates e.g. pupils, visitors to educational sites, students and also parents. Although the Act emphasizes the responsibility of the employer on health and safety. Care workers must have awareness and understanding of their health and safety responsibilities in relation to relevant legislation. To provide or avoid the risks that can happen to the employers. Employers must provide a safe workplace so there is no risk that can face them when they are working and they must ensure that there is a safe access to…show more content…
The objects include: Trolleys - Moving a patient from an emergency trolley to the bed - Make sure the route is clear of obstructions for example: wires left on floor because you could trip and fall while holding the patient and they can have severe injuries. Also make sure the floor hasn’t just been cleaned when lifting patients because you can slip and injury yourself and the patient severely. Use the proper way of lifting with knees bent and back in the upright posture. Chair and a patient so they will not be likely to cause any long term harm to a patient or themselves in most cases death by falling over. Hoist - An immobile individual and their carers may decide to use recommended moving and handling equipment like a hoist and this may result in the client being lifted manually because they feel this is quicker. Leaving a vulnerable patient unattended in a hoist or in a position where they might be at risk of falling from the bed or chair. The hoist overturn due to manoeuvring over difficult ground while transporting an individual over a long distance on a hoist or not following manufactures instructions for use. The procedure helps to maintain a safer handling environment which avoids any risks as well as to ensure that the employees are patient and
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