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Unit 4222-305 1. Explain how and why person-centred values must influence all aspects of health and social work Person centred values must influence all aspects of work as it provides a more holistic and individual support service for the individual. Person centred values also support the individual with making their own choices and helps empower the person. Person centred values include; Treating people as individuals Supporting people to access their rights Supporting people to exercise choice Supporting people to be as independent as possible Treating people with dignity and respect Recognising that working with people is a partnership rather than a relationship controlled by professionals 2. Analyse factors that…show more content…
All organisations have a complaints procedure and you could find out the relevant information about how to make a complaint and support the person with making a complaint or complain on their behalf if they wanted too. You could attend meetings with them and provide support with challenging decisions made or questioning these decisions. You should also make sure that the individual is always aware of all choices and options that are open to them. 6. Explain the links between identity, self image and self esteem Self-image is the person we think we are and self-esteem is the worth we attach to our self-image. Identity is all the factors that the individual feels are important to defining who they are for example gender, age, race, religious background, family, home environment, and financial status. 7. Analyse factors that contribute to the well-being of individuals Factors that can contribute to an individual’s wellbeing include physical and mental health, emotional and intellectual fulfilment and overall contentment. Contentment is often achieved by someone’s’ needs being met for example a person with housing issues may feel content once supported to get a property. 8. Compare different uses of risk assessment in health and

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