Health and social care management Essay

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In the care home for adults there are different principle in health and social care practise which we applies irrespective of gender, race, disability, age, sexual orientation, religion, belief. health and social care service intention is to identify the nature on illness ,to treat and improve both physical and mental health. It has a duty to each and every individual that it serves and must respect their human rights (act 1998 ) it also has a wider social duty to promote equality service and help to improve service user health and life expectancy,there is a high standards of excellence and professionalism in this service, and quality care that is safe, effective and we focused on Service user. "The importance of preserving the…show more content…
We should raise concerns with appropriate people or management about practice and policies if necessary, Accurately record information keeping is important to safeguard service user and colleagues from harms, that is writing down times, dates and explanations of incidents and always Report any unusual or major changes in the patient’s health. A person-centred approach focuses on the individual’s personal needs, This can mean putting the person’s health, illness, injury, needs and situation first. There are a number of different frameworks that have been developed to implement person-centred care. Such as communicating with the patient and have a care plan so we can providing
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