Health promotion in a diverse community using the tannahill model of health promotion

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The aim of this case study is to provide a detailed account of a patients holistic health care needs from a health promotion perspective utilising the Tannahill Model which will be described. In promoting the health of the patient maintaining individuality within a diverse community will also be discussed by the application of the model to the patient.

Mary, the patient the study focuses on (surname withheld to uphold confidentiality), was chosen due to the writers involvement throughout the duration of her stay in hospital. The writer met Mary prior to her operation in theatre and was present for the duration of her operation. When Mary was admitted to ward L4 the writer was directly involved in Mary's care and discharge.

Mary is a 75
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Previously, she was situated in a four bedded bay of ladies in which she expressed no feelings of isolation. Following the expression of Mary's anxieties she visited the day room on a daily basis but remained in her wheelchair and was advised not to have physical contact with the other patients for infection control purposes. This integration with the other patients also had a positive impact in her psychological well-being. Psychologically Mary was affected by many factors. Her husband died the previous year in hospital following surgery that led to deterioration in his health and Mary had to be constantly reassured of her progress and that hospital admissions did not ultimately lead to deterioration in health. Mary's injury was a direct result of a fall in her home. This combined with her lengthy stay in hospital had decreased confidence in her own capabilities when she was able to return home. It was stressed to Mary that she should not be apprehensive to voice her fears. Biological needs refer to the physiological and anatomical functioning of the body. This includes the actual medical condition of Mary. As previously mentioned the surgical wound had become infected which would delay the rate at which it healed. Following her surgery, mobilising was difficult for Mary. On sessions with physiotherapists, it was reported that she had often conveyed frustration with limited walking abilities.

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