Health & safety Risk Assessment NVQ 5

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STATEMENT Evidence no. 1 Evidence title Risk Assessment of new Power Bending Machine process Unit / LO.AC Statement Evidence reference 4/4.6 4/4.5 4/4.3 4/4.4 4/1.1 4//1.2 4/1.3 4/1.4 4/4.1 4/4.6 4/1.6 4/2.3 4/2.1 4/2.2 4/2.5 4/4.2 4/4.1 4/4.2 4/2.5 4/4.7 4/3.1 4/3.2 4/3.3 4/3.4 4/3.4 4/3.5 4/2.6 4/2.6…show more content…
We agreed on the priority of the hazards by evaluating high, medium and low criteria according to the severity of consequences and the likelihood of the hazard actually occurring. This was in accordance with the risk assessment procedure in our safety management system PPH04 I had recorded the concerns with regards to high risk with which the HSE inspector had made comments to, and Bob and Richard Collier listened to my suggestions for introducing a safety limit switch and to prevent crushing and trapping of digits and an extra control switch to prevent inadvertent activation of the foot pedal thus reducing these risk to a lower acceptable level. As noted there was no significant high risk from the manual handling activities and there was also the use of mechanical means available such as overhead cranes. After introducing further control measures to reduce the high risk to a lower risk, I was left with several lower risks that could be minimised, but not eliminated, by further control measures. In effect when the new system have been installed, the risk assessment has been completed (the new system was installed to reduce the hazard of trapping and crushing of digits) and this has been recorded. It is re-assuring from a health & Safety perspective that the additional controls measures introduced are affective in reducing the potential hazards from trapping and crushing injuries. This high

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