HealthPolicyandProfessionalValues Essay

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Health Policy and Professional Values
Susan Davis
Texas Tech
November 13, 2014
Health Policy and Professional Values

1. What does Sue need to know about herself to determine how she will make decisions about providing care for indigent persons? Sue is very concerned about the welfare of the underinsured and uninsured population and is well aware of the issues that jeopardize the health of this population. Sue should be aware of her professional values and decide whether to continue to do her best to take care of her patients in the situation she is in, or become involved in the policy making process and become an advocate for change in the health care system. As a nurse, Sue has the power to make a difference. Health care
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Delegating some of her tasks can help Sue manage her time. Delegation involves assigning patient care to the appropriate person while retaining responsibility for the outcome (Cherry & Jacobs, 2011). A decision-making framework was developed by several state boards of nursing to assist the registered nurse (RN) in deciding which tasks can be delegated and which must be done by the RN. For example, assessing a patient is a task that must be performed by the RN, and cannot be delegated. By following the decision tree questions with its ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answers, the RN can clearly see what can and cannot be delegated. According to the Texas Nurses Association (2014), delegation “involves critical thinking, sound judgment and, most of all, patient advocacy.”

4. What difficulties would you anticipate implementing an EBP from the case study? “Abundant evidence exists that the risk for adverse outcomes rises as the ratio of patients to nursing staff increases”, states the American Psychiatric Nurses Association (2011). Research clearly shows that understaffing reduces patient satisfaction and safety. Sue works at a not-for-profit facility where financial resources are most likely spread thin, and management will not want to spend money adding much needed nursing staff. It has been my experience that those who are not directly involved in patient care do not understand how difficult it is to provide adequate care when the unit is understaffed. At the

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