Healthcare Administrator Of Insurance Industry : Director Integrated Health Management

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Healthcare Administrator in Insurance Industry Director Integrated Health Management (DIHM). A DIHM is a healthcare administration job in the insurance industry that handles planning, policy, procedure, and operational management for care management departments (Nidu, n. d.). An administrator in this field is responsible for creating, developing, and cultivation of patient care management and patient wellness programs and related operations. The director 's overall goal would be to develop a unified healthcare experience program for the insured. The position requires interaction and cooperation both internally with executives, managers, staff, and other company employees, in addition to acting as a liaison with outside entities to ensure…show more content…
In addition, the Director ensures metrics are met though regular monitoring, training, and oversight. Vigilance is required of the Director, in auditing the operational functions through data and market analysis, with the objective of cultivating potential enhancements and improvements. The stakeholder liaison relationship is an important one for the Director and requires the development of relationships with outside leaders and market influencers. Finally, the DIHM is responsible for hiring, training, leading, evaluating, and supporting a dynamic healthcare team, well versed in the program’s overall goals. An example of one type of employee a DIHM would lead is a diabetes client case manager, an RN, who contacts patients to ensure that they are taking advantage of resources important to the management of their diabetes, like free glucometers, dietician training, and are informed about what the disease actually is, and how to best manage it. By speaking with and monitoring insured members, insurance costs are reduced significantly, because people learn more about the most state-of-the-art information on how to successfully manage their illness. Career Objectives & Leadership Impact. My career objectives are to gain the experiences needed prior to becoming a DIHM. The qualifications for becoming a DIHM include a healthcare
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