Healthcare And Bad Medicine By Donald Barlett And James Steele

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Introduction of the book review
The title of the book being reviewed is Critical Condition: How Health Care in America Became Big Business and Bad Medicine written by Donald Barlett and James Steele in 2004. This title explains what will be described in the book; how health care was transformed into more of a business and reduced the quality of care to the communities served. The main audience was to Americans in general. The purpose of this book was to show Americans the flawed health care system and explain how it grew out of control. The quality has decreased significantly, access to care has been restricted by the insurance moguls and lack of paying providers. Lastly, the cost of going to see a provider for any treatment has skyrocketed while the economy was unstable. The argument was that changing United States health care to a single-payer system will benefit Americans with better, more quality care and also reduce cost overall by eliminating private insurers.
Summary of the book
Critical Condition describes how health care in the United States is a financial profit to insurers and providers but delivers poor-quality health care to many citizens. U.S. health care has falsely been identified as the “best system in the world” but it is actually a failure because of its inability to deliver good-quality care to the disadvantaged. However, that view is only to some, since to others, such as Wall Street, its component parts do what they are designed to do. Due to the…
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