Healthcare And Healthcare Related Education

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In the 19th century, healthcare was primarily delivered in the a primarily unscientific method, often provided by family and friends in a very informal care system structure (Williams & Torrens, 2008). This resulted in much lower costs than are present in today’s system (Riggs, ed., 2015). At the beginning of the 20th century, some formal structure of healthcare and healthcare related education began to emerge, and first discussions regarding universal health care insurance began to be discussed publicly. In the early 1900’s physicians would perform home visits for patients and were more free to charge their own fee schedules (PBS, 2000). By 1910, half of the physicians in the U.S. had joined the American Medical Association (AMA)…show more content…
During World War II, employers needed incentives in order to attract the best employees, but wage and price controls kept wages down (Riggs, ed., 2015). As a result, more companies began to offer health insurance to their employees as a benefit. In the late 1940’s, President Harry Truman proposed to push forward with legislation that would provide universal health insurance and other social support programs to all Americans (Roberts, 2012). This national health care plan was initially viewed somewhat favorably by the public. However, increasingly anti-communist headwinds in American after the end of World War II combined with a push by opponents to publicize the plan as “socialized medicine” to the American public resulted in its failure to become law. This decision to not move forward with universal health insurance coverage at this point in response to intense lobbying by other interests is another tipping point that pivoted us back into the direction of the system we have today. Interestingly enough, this push against the proposed plan was made in part by the AMA, who later would support similar legislation in the Affordable Care Act in 2010.
The mid-20th century began to see frequently advancing medical treatments and technologies. During the same
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