Healthcare And The Health Care Industry

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Health care providers should be able to constitute approaches in different resources about the issues and interventions in health care. Almost anyone from any part of the world can share, view, and deliver certain data, information, or updates in any matter. The expansion of technology fundamentally benefits different grounds such as in medicine, science, business, and health care as well. With regards to being a leader in the health care industry, there are certain changes that are needed to be pursued in order to absorb a bigger advantage and improvement in a particular area. Change can be termed as a complex word that can cover major and minor things. It is involved with the strategies, structures, systems, people and culture in…show more content…
One of the most applicable theories used in the nursing profession involves Pavalko’s eight dimensions. These are applicable to broad and focused discussion of the nursing profession. Pavalko’s statement greatly defines the major areas of the nursing profession (Zerwekh, & Garneau, 2013). Furthermore, it also says something about the specialties that are present in the current practice of nursing. Pavalko’s eight dimensions can be used by nursing students to further explore the limitless possibilities that the nursing profession can offer. Educators can also broaden existing knowledge in order to fit the needs of today’s students. In actuality, Pavalko’s eight dimensions hits every corner of the nursing profession however, one of Pavalko’s eight dimensions is greatly applicable to the nursing profession. It states that a profession has a training or educational period. This greatly applies to nursing; however, being a health professional together with having trends of evidence based practice, it puts nurses as lifelong learners (Zerwekh, & Garneau, 2013). . A true nurse must possess the knowledge necessary to provide adequate care. This is especially true in handling patients with complex cases. One must be quick in thinking and can adapt to most situations. Although academic prowess shown by a student is not a priority, the extrinsic factor for the love of the humanities is the most important thing that all
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