Healthcare And The Healthcare System Essay

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It is said that a healthy nation is a wealthy nation. Healthcare is an important concern for every government as people get ill, accidents happen, emergencies arise and the health institutions are needed to diagnose, manage and treat the different types of ailments or diseases that may arise. The healthcare industry is divided into several areas in order to meet the health needs of anyone and everyone. All over the world, the healthcare structures are different to accommodate specific needs of the people in that demographic however the healthcare methodology in Third World Countries does not accommodate the needs of their respective inhabitants in comparison to First world Countries. The Rate of corruption, quality of healthcare institutions, lack of adequate, functional surveillance systems and problematic hygiene conditions are amongst the top reasons why the healthcare systems in third world countries are substandard in comparison to First world nations.
To begin with, before you can become a doctor there needs to be a certain level of educational background, a bachelors degree in health science or any science course, Medical school and extensive practice but in places like Nigeria, those education perquisites can be bought. The corruption in the country goes deeper than politics and spews into education amongst other parts. A bachelors degree in health science can be bought in the wrong school with money or through indecent conducts, a person without the necessary
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