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Ethical Misconduct Resulting in Bad Outcomes The Veterans Administration Medical Center (VA) hospital system has been in the national headlines for many years. This has generally not been in a positive way. Many issues have tarnished the reputation of the VA system including, in the distant past questions on sterilization issues reportedly resulting in veterans contracting Hepatitis C from a colonoscope (Tasker, 2011), to more current issues with access and timeliness of care for veterans ("Memo shows VA gaming appointments system to hide wait times", 2014; "Nearly 100 patients died waiting for care from los angeles VA", 2017). Our local Veterans Administration Medical Center is no different and has recently been in the spotlight for…show more content…
Thiel's Compensatory Strategies as Tools Emotion Regulation can help improve decision making. Controlling fear or anger issues that may result from concern that the individual could lose their job if they do not cover up the long waits or do what their supervisor instructs them to do. These negative emotions lead to less ethical decisions. Leaders, who are under ethical risk and make ethical decisions under conditions of uncertainty and equivocality may be even more susceptible to the influence of emotion and require special compensating tactics (Thiel et al., 2012). Having leaders undergo training interventions promoting the detection of emotions and application of specific emotion regulation strategies could potentially encourage sound judgment, via complete and accurate sense-making, and, ultimately, EDM. Leaders utilizing appropriate emotion regulation strategies when confronted with an ethical dilemma are more likely to opt for the ethical alternative. Self-Reflection may be useful when leaders are confronted with complex and ambiguous circumstances. Employees can draw their own experiences and those of others to make sense of the issue and make a decision. The process of self-reflection can influence emotion regulation as well. Using self-reflection in this case for the VA, the employee could have remembered or found that these issues will be found out or reported,

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