Healthcare Case Study

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This can be a controversial solution simply because it means more red tape and governmental regulation for several different parties. Neither the healthcare facility or the suppliers will be happy with the new law that only a certain amount of markup can exist. As mentioned, if the hospital is charging more than necessary, they will be losing revenue. If the supplier is the one marking it up, they will lose revenue. Either way, someone will be losing revenue and the new regulation will most likely be fought. Despite the frustration and possible criticism the new regulation will create, it is something that seems necessary in order to make healthcare more affordable for every party involved. Another solution is making sure individuals…show more content…
Please send it back to us ASAP”. This communication can keep going and allow the consumer to be informed and better address needs that the insurance company may have to pay the claim. When the communication is clear and concise, there is little room for confusion. Communication or lack thereof can make a situation easy to resolve or much more difficult than it needs to be. Any of these solutions can largely contribute to a healthier US health care system; one in particular can directly prevent the increasing bad debt within health care. The health care system has many different stems and branches that drive cost. The interconnectedness is similar to an actual living plant. Anything that the roots of the plant is lacking or has an abundance of, directly effects the health of the stems, branches and all other aspects of the plant. When a plant is sick, the caregiver tends to focus on making sure the roots of the plant has what they need—water and nutrients, in order to reach all of the other parts. The same goes for the health care system. The root of the increasing bad debts within health care is the cost of supplies that the hospitals must buy to take care of patients. Each health care facility must have medical supplies on hand at all times so patients can be treated—this is non-negotiable. There can be a million medical staff caring for a patient but if the staff does not have access to the supplies they need in

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