Healthcare Case Study

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323.1 million people make up the United States of America, and these millions secure the US as the third most populous country in the world. Japan, 6,303 miles away, ranks eleventh most populous at 127 million. Both the US and Japan are considered first world nations and classified as OECD countries (those belonging to The Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development). Though both the US and Japan are ranked within the top ten most influential countries in the world (according to, Japan is considered a far healthier country overall. Though the US spends vastly more money, Japan’s more liberal attitude toward health care results in a higher life expectancy and overall higher quality of life. If the US were to impart…show more content…
So while the US may be spending more overall, it doesn’t mean that the money goes directly into an individual's healthcare. Plenty of that money goes straight to private companies looking to make a profit off someone else’s dollar. As well as the amount of money one spends on healthcare, another key influence on a person’s health is the number of times they visit the doctor, or are able to be consulted on the state of their health. US citizens reported an estimated number of four consultations per person per year in 2013. This means that only four times a year are they being checked for STI’s, blood pressure changes, weight and height fluctuations, and other health issues. In Japan the number of doctor consultations per person per year is 12.9. That’s over three times the number of visits the average US citizen routinely makes. It can be inferred that US citizens are less likely to know about a health issue until it becomes severe, and therefore more likely to have such an issue affect their daily lives and overall health. The number of consultations per doctor per year in 2013 shows similar patterns. While in Japan doctors had an estimated 5633 consultations, US doctors only had 1644. Factors to consider include the aforementioned divide between public and private healthcare. On average, a larger amount

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