Healthcare Communication As A Result Of Mobile Health Technology

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How healthcare communication as a result of Mobile Health Technology
Characterized as the “Digital Age,” modern technologies are flooding every aspect of our lives and completely transforming healthcare communication. Healthcare technologies have revolutionized information gathering, research, treatments and communication in healthcare. The invention of “Smart Phones, tablets, and computers” has changed health care communication because more than 60% of Americans own a smartphone and 42% of these same people owns a tablet or the computer. According to studies, 66% out of 8 million seniors access the internet for healthcare information online. It goes without saying that more and more people are using the Internet to research medical issues. They can access websites like WebMD, to gain better knowledge about symptoms, exploring treatments and medicines on the web. Having these technologies has empowered patients to make wiser decisions about what to do next since the cost of healthcare has now shifted to them. In addition, advances in these technologies have changed the delivery of medical healthcare by giving health care providers like physicians and nurses updated information to be incorporated into the healthcare of their patients. They can use an online medical database to look up case studies and check out details of patient history. Healthcare providers use e-mail, text, videos and conference facilities to communicate with colleagues all over the world. Physicians
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