Healthcare Comparison of the Usa and Nigeria

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Four Main Differences between the healthcare systems in Nigeria and the USA.
Paul Fortune
College of Nursing After living in my native country, Nigeria for nearly twenty years of my life, I had the opportunity to relocate to the United States of America to live with my Dad while pursuing a career in Nursing. On getting to the United States of America or the USA as it is commonly called, I discovered how lovely and different the country really is. The USA was a lot different from what I had heard from stories back home in Nigeria. The previous three years, since January 2009 to be precise, has provided me first-hand experience of some major differences between my country of origin and the United States of America. In comparison,
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The buses run on a strict schedule most of the time; many are spaced out between every thirty minutes to an hour. An alternative to riding the bus was catching a cab which was expensive. This transportation process is very different from Nigeria where there is always a bus or taxi running by the streets looking for passengers to pick up, most transporting up to four different and unrelated passengers at the same time. Often the maximum amount of time a person would have wait to catch either a cab or bus is five minutes. Nigerian cabs usually have a fixed price form one stop to another, and most of the time prices can be bargained down.
Thirdly, the other major difference in between the United States of America differs from Nigeria is the Climate. In United States of America there are four seasons in a year namely fall, summer, spring and winter. Winter starts from December through February, and then comes spring which starts from March through May, followed by summer from June through august and finally fall/ autumn which start from September through November. While in Nigeria we have just two season comprising of the raining and dry season (harmattan). The raining season usually begins around February or march and last till around September. In September the dry season kick in and last through January. It snows in United States of America while there has never been a record of snow in Nigeria.
Finally, one of the most significant
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