Healthcare Consumerism Of The 21st Century

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Recommendations With the data collected from group interview and surveys, the findings have been analyzed and the researcher has discovered areas of opportunity and advancement. With research question aiming to discover what is known about healthcare consumerism in the 21st century, the researcher will recommend solutions that educate and promote healthcare consumerism. The opportunities are presented in the form of recommendations for individuals and organizations to consider when desiring to learn and/or encourage healthcare consumerism behaviors. Recommendation One – Third-Party Partner The first recommendation is for organizations wishing to promote healthcare consumerism. The majority of employee survey participants indicated…show more content…
Well-known names in the consumer transparency industry are Castlight Health, Patient Care, and Compass Health. Not only are third-party organizations equipped with current healthcare cost and quality data, they act as an extra arm of support to the human resources department. Implementation Plan. In order to achieve a successful implementation, gaining buy- in and approval from leadership is necessary. Ideally, the corporate sponsor would either be the organization’s human resources leader or finance leader. Collaborating with a new vendor requires review and signature on new contracts by the company’s legal representative. This partnership comes with a new expense, with all new expenses, a budget will need to be established and measured for its return on investment. The most significant barrier to implementation is gaining financial support from leadership. With healthcare expenditures already at the top of most company’s balance sheet, investing in a tool that costs roughly $4.00 - $6.50 per member per month may be a tough sell. Transparency vendors are aware of this obstacle; they come equipped with metrics, data, and case studies from other clientele reflecting their capability to deliver annual healthcare savings. The timeline of implementation is less than eight weeks and requires very little from the company itself. The
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