Healthcare Consumerism Of The 21st Century

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With the data collected from group interview and surveys, the findings have been analyzed and the researcher has discovered areas of opportunity and advancement. With research question aiming to discover what is known about healthcare consumerism in the 21st century, the researcher will recommend solutions that educate and promote healthcare consumerism. The opportunities are presented in the form of recommendations for individuals and organizations to consider when desiring to learn and/or encourage healthcare consumerism behaviors.
Recommendation One – Third-Party Partner The first recommendation is for organizations wishing to promote healthcare consumerism. The majority of employee survey participants indicated they prefer to seek healthcare assistance in the form of telephonic customer service. The data collected also reflected that employees consider themselves to be engaged healthcare consumerism, while human resources professionals and benefits brokers do not feel as confident that employees are. “In the 2013 Business Group survey, employers reported that it is extremely difficult to change entrenched healthcare-seeking habits within large and diverse employee populations” (Castlight Health, 2014, p. 3). Castlight Health (2014) summarizes, “Nearly 80% cited a lack of employee engagement as the biggest obstacle to changing behavior, 20% more than 2012” (p. 3). As a solution for promoting engagement and building confidence in healthcare…
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