Healthcare Costs

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Costs Of Healthcare Christine Amargo HCA305 The U.S. Health Care System Sherry Grover June 9, 2014 Everyone wants to have access to health care and in order to access it they need insurance, but unfortunately not everyone can afford health insurance. The United States spends more money on health care than any other country, but raise the cost of health insurance to the citizens. Health care should be affordable if the government is willing to spend as much money as they are on it. Health insurance should be able to affordable to all classes lower, middle, and higher. The citizens of the United States has the right to know why their insurances cost are going up and if they are going to get more bang for their buck. The reason why…show more content…
The reason for this is because hospital costs are rising, provider prices, medical technology, waste, unhealthy lifestyle, taxes, and aging population are all factors that make the United States spend more. Health care providers in the United States are much higher than in Europe (The Facts About Rising Health Care Costs), the unhealthy lifestyle in the United States such as obesity escalates more than any other country. There are so many things to be done to control the spending of money in the United States, because if the spending continues then the healthcare costs will inflate and become less affordable and more people will have no insurance. So in order to keep spending cost manageable the National Physicians Alliance has called stakeholders to help control rising health care cost. A stakeholder is a “person with an interest or concern in something, esp. a business” ( The healthcare systems has many stakeholders such as the public, employers, providers, hospitals and other health care facilities, governments, alternative therapies, and voluntary facilities and agencies. All these stakeholders hold an important role in the health care system they are the ones that can make it or break it. The role of a stakeholder is to ensure successful quality improvement in healthcare. All of the different stakeholders can make a huge impact and help

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