Healthcare Coverage of the Americans

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Legislative Position: When U.S. President Barrack Obama signed the health care reform bill into law in March 2010, opposing political pundits were quick to brand the initiative as government takeover of the healthcare system and pejoratively described it as socialized medicine. I considered it my civic duty to look a little deeper into the pros and cons of the issue as earlier research findings had reported 45,000 Americans died annually for lack of health care coverage (Robertson, 2009). The first amazing fact I discovered is that every modern westernized country, with the exception of the United States, broadly accepts and runs some form of socialized medicine. England passed their National Health Service (NHS) Act in 1948, and from that year has provided free physician and hospital services for all her citizens. Government takeover is a concept that contributed to the European approach where government not only owns the hospitals but doctors are also public employees. The health reform bill was enacted by the Congress based largely on the free market and has been criticized for significantly enhancing government regulation of health insurers. However, critics of this law have failed to highlight that it established a system that relies on private companies and the government neither nationalized doctors, nor seized control of institutions offering health care to citizens. Since the law established exchanges that drove private insurers to compete to provide coverage
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