Healthcare Delivery System Analysis

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As I think about the evolution of the healthcare delivery system developing from a pre-industrial America to a corporate era with technological advances everyone is entitled to the fundamental right to health care. As globalization continue to make the world small through the information delivery services, the health care delivery system has become too costly for many. While the availability and quality of the medical care delivery system in the U.S. undeniable produces one of best health care services worldwide, we have yet to realize a lot of the documentation, insurance, diagnostics, and appointments have continued to increase the cost of our health care delivery system. Although we live in a society with an individualist capitalist value, we must develop the values in our culture to realize we must emphasize the nation’s well-being with social justice instead of market justice.
The U.S. is a leader of all industrialized nations in the healthcare delivery system. Most industrialized …show more content…

Consequently, I believe the insurance companies make medical care complicated for the doctors to perform all the best care because of the complexities our system. Even though we live in a capitalist system with a public and private healthcare delivery system, we must develop a market with social justice. Ethically and morally, a centralized government is essential for the growth and health of our nation in the long- term before health problems become a costly means for the patient. A simplified version of a centralized health care system will allow doctors to focus on care instead of other complicated issues. The basic access to quality health care is a fundamental right. Therefore, it should never be dependent on race, age, gender, socio-economic or the area you live for everyone to attain a sustainable quality of health

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