Healthcare Ecosystems

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1. State Health Information Exchange Cooperative Agreement Program
The State HIE program falls under The Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health (HITECH) Act, and funds the implementation and creation of statewide health information exchange. States can work independently to complete the task, or they can combine their finances and work together on a multi-state program. The awardees have the important job of creating and putting into action a State plan that makes sure HIE is in effect statewide before Medicare payment penalties begin in 2015. This program is an application based one, and with that comes criteria for approval. So the awardees are impacted by licensure, certification, or accreditation standards
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One of the programs under the Recovery Act is The Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health (HITECH) Act, which decides what monies are used where to bring our health care system up to date with the use of health information technology. It’s through HITECH that the Medicare and Medicaid Incentive Programs were developed (Recovery Act, 2011).
The incentive programs can only improve clinic quality, reimbursement for services, and patient access to care. I think a forceful push towards improvement in these areas is the requirement of Attestation for Meaningful Use, which means that the program participants must formally attest that they meet the Meaningful Use standards to remain in the program and keep receiving funds. Meaningful Use specifies three main areas of improvement by use of the HER are: meaningful certified electronic health record use such as e-prescribing, using the technology for faster and more efficient exchange of patient and health information to improve health care quality, and to measure clinical improvement by numbers and quality (CMS, 2011).
The Medicaid and Medicare Incentive Programs support NHIN’s goal, because they are helping physicians and hospitals alike implement qualified EHR technology, which is necessary for all medical records to be

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