Healthcare Ecosystems Essay

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LTT1 - Healthcare Ecosystems The profession of health informatics is a relatively new one, blending the use of technologies with collecting, organizing, storing, using, and evaluating health information. Technology can assist healthcare workers on every clinical and administrative level to use information more effectively in clinical decision-making for patients, and in implementing strategic goals within an organization. Check Your Understanding 2.1 Instructions: On a separate piece of paper, write down the word or term that correctly completes each of the sentences. 1. The ancient ___ developed surgical procedures, documented clinical cases, and created medical books. a. Egyptians b. Greeks c. Phoenicians d. Chinese 2.…show more content…
A performance evaluation in which peers and colleagues participate Correct! Of these functions that sustain operational infrastructure, where would health informatics best fit? Knowledge Management Correct! In the healthcare organization, operating units are designed around patient-focused care for related disease groups and medical specialties. This is known as: Service Lines Correct! In 2008, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services changed its payment regulations to eliminate payment for hospital-acquired complications. True Correct! The largest single group of healthcare organizations are: Acute Care Hospitals Correct! Which of the following is a system that deliberately monitors the long term relationship between stakeholders of a healthcare organization, and responds to changing needs? Strategic Correct! In what decade was the MRI first introduced? 1980's Correct! Which standard addresses disclosure of health information? Protecting Privacy of Health Information Correct! Which standard addresses the intentional destruction of health information? Security and Integrity of Information Correct! Which standard addresses the monitoring of terminologies used in health information? Collection of health information Correct! Which standard addresses unplanned interruptions of electronic health record systems? Continuity of information Correct! Which

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